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Respiratory protection devices are designed to protect personnel from inhaling hazardous substances whilst performing work duties. Masks provide respiratory protection against particles formed due to crushing, grinding, drilling, sanding and cutting activities etc. They are commonly used in the following applications: welding, chemical processing, spray painting, agriculture, sanitation, hot working conditions and refuse collection etc.

Respiratory devices come in three classes of filters:

  • P1 - This filter offers up to 80% efficiency against particles to 1 micron. It is intended for use against mechanically generated particulates such as silica, dust etc.
  • P2 - This filter offers up to 94% efficiency against particles to 0.3 micron. It is intended for use against both mechanically and thermally generated particulates such as metal fumes.
  • P3 - The filter offers up to 99.95% efficiency against particles to smaller than 0.3 micron. It is intended for use against all particulates including highly toxic materials like beryllium, asbestos etc. This is a full face mask.