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Skipper Products are a unique purpose designed approach to traffic and facility management. They are ideal for cordoning off hazardous or restricted areas indoors or outside quickly and cost effectively. All Skipper products are designed to work together, interchangeably, for maximum cost effectiveness and versatility.

The Barriers simply require to be mounted upon normal weight based cones. They are able to be linked via other cones with Skipper units, posts with mounted receiver units, or Skipper Wall Receiver Clips.

Receiver Clips
The receiver clips are designed to be mounted on walls in warehouses, construction sites and stores. They are structured to hold the Skipper Barrier Tape Ends, so that barriers are able to be created without the need for a Skipper unit or a cone. The magnetic version offers a more temporary fixture solution.

Rechargeable Road Light
The Rechargeable Road Light is to be used in conjunction with Skipper Barrier Units. It is designed to sit on the top of the Barrier unit, to provide added visibility in low lighting traffic and safety situations.

Receiver Head Units
Skipper Receiver Head units are designed to be mounted on 50 NB posts and used as a receiver unit for the Skipper Retractable Barrier.

For more information regarding the Skipper Barrier Products, please see our Product Information Sheets in the Downloads section.