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Ozi hub stocks a range of car park accessories including: premium Australian Standard Speed humps, Calmer speed humps, wheel stops, constructor cable covers and ends and installation accessories.

Speed Humps
Speed humps are an ideal solution to slowing down traffic in built-up, high people traffic areas and narrower roadways, allowing for a safer environment for both vehicles and pedestrians. They are commonly used in the following industries: schools, shopping centres, parks and forests, warehouses, strata plans and commercial car parks. They are constructed to be low to the ground and they are also able to be used by heavy loads and emergency vehicles. Our speed humps are suitable for both concrete and bitumen applications .

Wheel Stops
Wheel stops are designed for use in any parking area, to keep vehicles within the bounds of parking spaces, preventing any damage to walls, buildings, other vehicles, or the vehicle itself.  They are able to either be used temporarily or on a permanent basis.

Constructor Cable Covers
Cable Covers are an ideal short-term safety solution, suitable for heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic. They effectively cover exposed cables, reducing trip hazards and possible damage to cables, whilst promoting overall safety. Examples of uses include at: festivals, outdoor events and warehouses.