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Our 3M Reflective Tape is a highly versatile material, commonly used for marking hazards, vehicles obstructions and other marking functions requiring high visibility. It is commonly used in the mining, construction and transport industries. Reflective tape offers varying degrees of reflectivity based on the class:

Class 2:

Class two reflective tape is our low level reflective product, however, still offers a great level of reflectivity. It is commonly used for safety signs, use on safety products and signage not requiring as high a level of reflectivity. Class 2 has a solid smooth texture.

Class 1: 

Regular Colours- Class one reflective tape is our medium grade reflective product and is used for a majority of traffic and safety signs, construction vehicles and other applications. Class one has a honeycomb texture.

Fluorescent Colours- Fluorescent reflective tape is our highest grade reflective product. It is commonly used for mine site vehicles and some high visibility traffic and safety signs. Class one has a honeycomb texture.